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Sandra brand has been earning the trust of its customers for almost 20 years. The brand offers mainly fruit and vegetable products. For almost a quarter of a century, our experts have been looking for the best harvested products all over the world.


Our fruit and vegetables come from places where the nature has created the most optimal conditions for their growth. They ripen under the sun of Continental Europe, the Mediterranean zone, South America and the Far East.


Selected fresh fruit and vegetables find their way to packages immediately after harvesting. Their natural taste and aroma caught in its prime, is immediately preserved in a tight package to keep them fresh. With no preservatives, they keep most of their qualities to find their way to the tables of Polish customers.


Sandra’s products are available in many types of packaging. We offer products for both the retail as well as catering business. Sandra’s fruit and vegetables are the perfect addition to dishes or an ingredient in their preparation, however, they are also delicious individually, as a snack or dessert.


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