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Jasmeen offers oriental cuisine products that come mainly from Lebanon, which is the symbol of Middle Eastern cuisine. The highest quality ingredients and traditional recipes allow to preserve their exceptional and unique taste.


Jasmeen offers mainly exquisite aubergine, garbanzo and sesame pastes (baba ghannoush, hummus, tahini), and also vegetables – boiled garbanzo and field beans, which will make our dishes truly oriental. Traditional halvas (vanilla and pistachio) complete the offer. Jasmeen is also an answer to culinary trends in Poland. Jasmeen will help you to create an original menu for your clients and guests.


Jasmeen’s tahina is the guarantee of a traditional taste, which the paste owes to the recipe originating directly from Lebanon cuisine. Excellent quality manifested in its ideally creamy texture is the distinguishing mark of this product. Jasmeen’s garbanzo paste is also characterised by a unique, natural taste and smooth, creamy texture. The combination of both Jasmeen products with olive, garlic and lemon, allows to create within two minutes a perfect Arabian mezze type snack, which will delight anyone.


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