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Akbar Brothers company is the biggest, globally recognised exporter of Ceylon tea. It owes its success to hard work and experience of the family, which for five generations have been taking care of cultivation, harvesting and high quality of every tea package. The company uses the latest technology of automatic processing and packaging to offer its customers the best of tea.


Akbar means the exquisite tea mixture that comes from the purest plantations in the world – the mountainous, western slopes of Sri Lanka. What makes the tea unique is its intense red, noble colour and wonderful, deep aroma, characteristic to alpine tea types.


In Poland Akbar offers mainly black, Ceylon tea: Pure Ceylon, Earl Grey and Gold. What you can see on every Akbar tea package is the Ceylon lion logo – it is one of the most widely recognised symbols among tea connoisseurs, which guarantees the product’s quality. The Ceylon lion can only appear on packages containing 100% Ceylon tea. It is the guarantee of the genuine origin and the highest quality tea. It is not a coincidence that the island of Ceylon is called „the tea island“ – the tea most appreciated by gourmets and experts worldwide are produced there.


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